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Clash Royale is a very popular game. Quite a few months have millions download this game. Indeed, we recognize game made by Supercell is very good at making games like Boom Beach and Clash of Clans, until now, even the second game is still in excellent games category. Clash royale is a continuation of the COC but with a different model of battle, in this game all the time simple and not complicated like COC should build the castle from enemy attack. I’m sure this game will equal Royale Clash Clash of Clans in the number of users. Because in the battle system Belam have the same method of Clash Battle Royale this. Very unique, simple to play and can be played anytime.


The existing resources Clash Royale

Gold: Use to buy a card as well as to upgrade card
Elixer: Used in battle
Gems: Used to buy gold, unlock chest

    • Enter your Clash Royale Account.
    • Choose the quantity of Gems and Gold.
    • Click the “Generate” Button.
    • Wait until the process finish. This usually takes less than two minutes.
    • Verify your account.
    • Congratulations! Adding resources on your account has been successfully completed.
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Anti  BAN

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Used for Android and iOS

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Simple and Easy

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