Tips, Tricks and Cheat Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the latest game from Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans. Unlike the Clash of Clans that combines city-bulding with strategy, Clash Royale is a game genre of real-time strategy and tower defense with a touch of trading card games.

The presence Clash Supercell Royale is a response to the request of many players who want the COC real-time PVP features of Clash of Clans. Instead of presenting in-game features, Supercell choose to create a new game. More details about Clash Royale, can be read here.

Because this game is still fairly new, and likely there will be a lot of adjustments in the future, then the tips, tricks and cheat the following be made public but will be updated regularly.


Make sure the Internet connection is good and stable

This is the biggest problem of those games real-time strategy genre. One round in Clash Royale lasted only three minutes, if dropped out connection for 10 seconds, then it will increase the odds of your opponent’s attack with pleasure.

Play Clash Royale does not actually need a connection that is too fast, pretty standard connections only been able to play, but it should be a stable connection that does not suddenly drop out in the middle of the road.
Battle compile Deck

I would not give any tips or tricks where the troops should be brought in to fight and which ones are not, because everyone has their own creativity and style. Keep in mind when arranging the battle deck was average Elixir needed or Average Cost Elixir is in the upper right corner.

The figure shows the average elixir of all the troops brought. Ideally, values should be between three or four. Why? When the battle, elixir maximum number is 10 bar and a bar elixir charged in about 3 seconds. Imagine if the troops were brought largely takes 5 elixir, it takes about 10-15 seconds to remove one type of force alone.

Distinguish if the force varies between 2-5 elixir and dominated by forces which only require 2-4 elixir, then we can pull out troops nearly every 5 seconds.
Secret accelerate troop level up

How to increase troop levels is to collect their cards according to the number required. The secret to speed up leveling up is actually very simple, which is trading at Clan. When we needed a couple of cards to raise troop levels we want, we can exchange it with friends on Clan requiring more troops cards that we have.

Opening the chest does give a chance of getting the cards in large quantities at once, but it is influenced by luck. Meanwhile, if you ask for a ‘donation’ card in the Clan far more surely and more quickly than having to open the chest.

How to Play Clash Royale Fellow Friends?

Unlike the Clash of Clans, which until now has not been possible to do PvP peers, except using other applications such as Xmod, Clash Royale facilitate the players to do sparring, even with other players who are known personally.

How? Utilizing “Friendly Battle” in each clan. When two players are in the same clan, then the player can challenge other players to contest the troops and their strategies. There is no special reward from this game other than to have fun and test capabilities.

One and a half minutes of the first, focus attacked a guard tower in advance while keeping our tower remains intact. If the tower is destroyed opponents before one and a half minutes, focus attacks on the king for victory tower in an instant.

If in the first minute and a half, our tower and the tower destroyed opponents each one, observe the opponent’s ability, if the type of enemy forces more powerful and varied, focusing maintain their own base while attacking a guard tower of the remaining opponents in order to get two crowns.

Within one and a half minutes, if we ruined tower and the tower opponent still intact, focus attacks that have large quantities and also spell to attack the tower guards his opponent HP fewest remaining. And always on standby to issue a strong enough force as a guard at the base.

If forced to extra innings for a minute, focus the attack on the guard tower or the tower of the king, depending on which one has less HP remaining. Use spell and troops in large numbers to attack, as well as high-level Alert troops to guard the base.

Free tips, tricks and cheat above shall be applicable only in general. There are special conditions in which each player must make its own strategy as creative as possible.

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