How Facing Bomb Tower

It seems very difficult to face the Bomb Tower, but also if we know exactly how to deal with it. To counter Bomb Tower, you also have to be Bomb Tower. He very effectively dealt with using a cheap deck. These usually found under the Legendary Arena. We are not so often see in Tv Tower Bomb Royale Arena 8 because it is not effective enough against P.E.K.K.A, Double Prince, .. Do not panic when faced Bomb Tower.

If you are using Deck with Hut, Hut Barbarian passable disadvantage because he can not even give the slightest damage to the Tower as already dead before achieving it. And Goblins Hut advantageous if you have a tanker in front of him. Bomb highly effective face Hut Tower Deck. If you already wear when facing Bomb Tower, try to focus got a draw.


Best Card To Facing Tower is a Mortar Bomb. Staying put in its reach to Bomb Mortar Tower, then you’ve got a lot of advantages. In addition, by placing the mortar to give a little load on the opponent’s mind so that he tends to panic to immediately turn off the mortar. On the other hand, Bomb Tower also very effective facing Mortar. Bomb Tower will distract Mortar, thus paved for other troops to attack the mortar.

Using Elixir Collector, when the opponent lowered Bomb Tower, countered only by lowering the Elixir Collector. By doing so you will benefit Elixir Bomb Tower while awaiting his end.

Sometimes, ignoring it is the best idea. If you could directly target the tower rather than facing Bomb Tower again, why not?

Using Minions:

Most people do not care to use the arrows face the hordes of Minions, and if they use a Fireball, you’ve got the advantage Elixir. Combine it with Zap is an excellent choice. If the opponent lowered Spear Goblins to deal Minions, just use Zap quickly.
Minion horde arguably is a bad choice because the opponent can lower Arrows. But if you know your opponent was not able to use the card Arrows, or elixir 0, then you can use it.

Using Baby Dragon:

Dragon is one of the best options for dealing Bomb Tower, not because of damage it does but because of flying ability and hit points that he had.
If Bomb Tower placed 3 tiles or less from the river amid the battle field, it can freely destroy Baby Dragon Bomb Tower without worrying about damage from Tower opponent.

Other tips:

If you believe there is an opportunity to do so, then you can throw Goblin Barrel tower to your opponent, then the opponent will automatically eject arrows, and then lower the Hordes Minion Bomb to destroy the Tower.
Using Barbarians by first placing the tanker on the other hand, when a bomb targeting focus tanker tower, then you can lower the Barbarians on the other side.
If using a rocket, you should be able to read the situation. Do you really know your opponent cards rotation cycle? Does he have a card that can do a quick counterattack after you decrease the rocket?
Pekka and the Golem is a tanker place to deal with it because of the way they are slow. When you lower the rear Golem, then Bomb Tower has lost half hitpoint when Golem achieve it.
Princess is also a good choice. As opposed to using the Arrows to kill Princess, do not have, because you do not lose at all.

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