Explanation Clan System In Clash Royale

In Clash Royale, Clans intended as a place for players to come together and get a lot of useful things to improve skills through the help of other Clan members and also to compete with other Clan.

How To Join In A Clan?
If you are still in the beginner stage, you still can not sign up to your level clan reaches level 3. Clans have a maximum number of 50 members. When members of the Clan has a maximum, so new players can not enter the Clan unless there are members who come out.


If you are already joined in a Clan, you can requesting cards to other Clan members, which is one of the important functions Clan. That way you can be helped to upgrade your cards faster. Requesting the card was there any restrictions, ie once every 8 hours. Cards that can be requested only common and rare card, epic is not included. You will get extra gold and exp when you do donate to friends requesting.

How to Make a Clan?

You need 1000 gold to create a Clan, so join the Clan that already so it seems like the best option for the novice player.

Clan Score is based on the following factors:

Ranked 1-10 affects 50% of the total points
11-20 Rating affects 25% of the total points
21-30 Rating affects 12% of the total points
31-40 Rating affects 10% of the total points
41-50 Rating affects 3% of the total points

You will receive gold and exp after donate cards to friends clan. Gold can be used to buy a card. Exp collect useful to raise the level, the higher the level the stronger the Crown Towers. There is a limit on donations. Each card has a number of limitations:
Common> 10 cards maximum acceptable
Rare> 1 card maximum acceptable
Epic card can not donate.

Once you’ve just joined a Clan, it took 2.5 hours before you can requesting a card. That rule is useful so that no player who likes jumping from one clan to another clan to find a donor card.

You can only donate maximum 2 Common Cards to one person per request and 1 for Rare card. * With the exception of players in the arena one that can only be donate 1 card per request.

This makes the system donate donors and recipients are equally lucky, because donors are rewarded with gold and exp.
Common> +5 gold and 1 xp
Rare> +50 gold and 5 xp

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