Elixir Efficient Usage Tips

There is already heading to the objectives and contents are almost the same that I post yesterday, read: Strategies for Regulating Elixir CR, well this time I had another version that is quite interesting, quoted from CRArena. In this post we will discuss the advantages elixir amount more than the opponent, which can make you a better player again.

Yes, as we know, the two players will each will receive the same increase in the number elixir. Tower difficult indeed to destroy the opponent, but the best way to destroy it is when the tower was not in protection. One way is when the tower opponent was not in the protection you can wear goblin barrel, prince, etc. But if you can kill troops with great elixir consumption using only the troops with small elixir consumption certainly makes you have a number of elixir more than your opponent so that makes it easy to do a big attack. That’s the advantage of efficient use of the elixir.


Example: If anyone throws Goblin Barrel (4 elixir) to towermu just reply goblinnya with Arrows (3 elixir). If you can do it right, towermu damage affected only 30 away from throwing barrels. On the other hand you’re lucky one elixir than your opponent.

Proactive and Reactive card card

  • Throw it off tricks profit elixir
  • Do not ever waste elixir, remove the card when the elixir number has reached 10
  • Usually, you only need a little more 5 elixir than your opponent to win the game
  • Integrate between reactive and proactive cards

What Is Proactive Card ???
Proactive card is a card that can be very threatening tower but very difficult opponent to gain an advantage elixir. These cards can be used to attack suddenly when you are already full capacity elixir. Do not use cards that can only do 1 damage to the tower, and then died, see rule # 2.

Minions: Typically, only minions can do a bit of damage before dying. Do not use this card proactively.
Skeleton army: very poor, easily broken his attacks but could do a lot of damage to the tower opponent.
Baby dragon: Not too bad, difficult broken off the attack and can do a lot of damage to the tower opponent.
Other proactive nice cards: Knight, Valkyrie, Giant Skeleton, P.E.K.K.A ……..

Use Proactive card when your opponent no longer has a card Reactive:

  • Prince, Balloon, Minion Horde, and Hog passable
  • If your opponent do not directly lower counter proaktifmu cards before the cards to counter lowered.
  • Do not use Prince if your opponent has not yet lowered tombstone. 3 tombstone – 3 princes = -6 Elixir.

What the card Reactive?
A card that can be used to benefit the elixir.

Pros: Often the biggest influence in the fight.
Weaknesses: Sometimes it’s hard to mencounter opponent’s card

Reactive and Fight Card Is Right

  • Arrows> Minion Horde / Skeleton Army / Goblin Barrel
  • Arrows = Minions
  • Arrows

(* Note the sign)

More importantly where, Hit Points or Elixir
Remember the ultimate goal of the fight: have more crowns than the opponent before the time runs out. There is no difference between 1-0 and 3-0. One of the most frequent mistakes dilikukan is a player who is too focused on defense, especially those at the end of the fight.

Sometimes you allow towers to fend for themselves to save elixir and then use the elixir for Active Pro cards that could threaten the tower opponent. Using the Prince on the opposite lane where you are attacked is a nice trick. But if you and your opponent still has not lost one towerpun, better put focus first on defense because you still have plenty of time.

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