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How Facing Bomb Tower

It seems very difficult to face the Bomb Tower, but also if we know exactly how to deal with it. To counter Bomb Tower, you also have to be Bomb Tower. He very effectively dealt with using a cheap deck. These usually found under the Legendary Arena. We are not so often see in Tv Tower Bomb Royale Arena 8…

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Elixir Efficient Usage Tips

There is already heading to the objectives and contents are almost the same that I post yesterday, read: Strategies for Regulating Elixir CR, well this time I had another version that is quite interesting, quoted from CRArena. In this post we will discuss the advantages elixir amount more than the opponent, which can make you a better player again. Yes,…

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Explanation Clan System In Clash Royale

In Clash Royale, Clans intended as a place for players to come together and get a lot of useful things to improve skills through the help of other Clan members and also to compete with other Clan. How To Join In A Clan? If you are still in the beginner stage, you still can not sign up to your level…

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Any difference Royale Clash and Clash Of Clans?

Royale Clash and Clash Of Clans are two distinctly different games. Although it has forces that are quite similar, but nonetheless, they are different games with each other. What are the differences? Here we present: The main difference in terms of gameplay: CoC-type MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) which requires you to build a base and constantly upgrade in order to…

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