Any difference Royale Clash and Clash Of Clans?

Royale Clash and Clash Of Clans are two distinctly different games. Although it has forces that are quite similar, but nonetheless, they are different games with each other.

What are the differences? Here we present:

The main difference in terms of gameplay:
CoC-type MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) which requires you to build a base and constantly upgrade in order to survive attacks from other players, and also harvest the resources of the land that you have (rocks, trees, etc.). You meloot base and use the loot to upgrade your base and army you have. Of course, more complicated than the above, but can say like that picture.


While Clash Royale type of RTS (real time strategy) that does not require you to set the base, but challenge you to adjust the deck combinations that you have and upgrade them to be stronger again. In this game, you play as many games as you want with the mode of real time against other players. Simply put, you put the card to destroy the tower opponent.


In addition to in terms of gameplay, the game is completely different. But have a common theme and some other attributes such as the Clans.
The gameplay of both games offer a different complexion, particularly in testing the ability of the players. CR provides a place for players who will play continuously to improve. While the CoC, not merely a matter of individual capabilities, such as looting and raiding.

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